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Prophetic musicians sing and play their prophetic songs through creative ways. Heman, Asaph, and Jeduthun were prophetic musicians and they were also seers. It is highly possible that some of the songs these prophetic musicians shared were actually their visions put to music.

"The Lord healed me from a long-time illness

during Paula's worship set at

ONE Worship Gathering in Encinitas!"

-- Beth


"There was a lot of angelic activity 

while Paula was worshipping,

I only saw it on my camera. Beautiful sounds!"

-- Melinda


"Thank you for ushering us into the Throne Room."




  • The spirit of prophecy may come upon a musician and he will sing an unrehearsed song of the Lord, bringing a Word in a season to those listening.

  • Words of knowledge can be sung instead of spoken.

  • The musicians may bring forth unusual sounds through their instruments or even voices that portray what the Spirit is communicating through feelings or the Word.

  • Some musicians are being led to half sing, half speak the Word.

  • Others are miming what is being sung, using their hands and body.

  • Some are dramatizing their songs.

  • Some sing of the visions they see to whatever chord progression comes to mind.

  • Prophetic musicians learn less from observing, and best by doing; expressing how they feel through song.

  • Prophetic musicians fight the fear of man, and desiring man’s approval. They finally overcome when their hearts and expressions are towards the Lord and not man at all.

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