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ONE Worship Gathering

Had the priviledge of leading a 2-hour worship set at the ONE Worship Gathering at New Hope Church.

It's been a while since playing an early morning set (6 am - 8 am) and I had forgotten how beautiful it was to spend time with friends just basking in the glory of God's Presence as the morning sun rises. It was dark, cold and foggy when I arrived, and when I left, the sun had come up, the skies were clear and the birds were singing outside.

During my set, there was a LOT of angelic activity occuring. There were flashes and streaks of blue lights as I was singing "all glory, all honor, all power to You". Pretty amazing!!! God was so present!

One homeless gentleman attended and really got into the spirit of worship. He kept asking if I knew the Lord's Prayer and after much persistence from him about the song, I went ahead and gave him the opportunity to sing it during my set. He was so encouraged.

There's nothing better than spending time with God, our Father. Sooo, so beautiful!!!

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